Impact of Corona virus on Beirut Escorts, and its customers


Global presence of Corona virus has brought world to halt. More than 100 countries around the world are into the complete lockdown. Economy of every country is suffering already while their people are also facing the same. Irrespective of particular industry everyone is facing the loss due to the corona virus. Beirut Escorts are also not left out either. At the moment escorts in Beirut are struggling to get their bread and butter and including it is hampering their lifestyle. They regularly visit parlors and physiotherapy centers to keep themselves in shape, but nowadays their routine has shrunk due the lockdown. Nothing is open, so they are bound to live within their limited maintenance. Leave maintenance apart this pandemic has injected financial insecurity into them.

How Escorts should operate their business now?

Well, everyone wants to heal. Financially, emotionally and mentally. People are already tired by putting themselves into homes. They need some freshness. While others are living alone for more than a month. So, they need a partner to lift their moods up. However, it’s still insecure to meet up anyone but if any old customer who is fit and have no symptoms of corona virus can avail the service of equally fit escort. This can be the way to earn money and operate business at the moment. As a result, a limited business and limited escorts can operate by following guidelines of health ministry. It is necessary to take extra care of own self for escort as well as clients.

Free flowing should be restricted

If you know the client already and served him in the past, you can go and make his night special but don’t forget to take his health into account. Anyone who has even mild symptoms should not avail the escorts service because it is concern for two lives. Same should be applied to escorts. If any escort is not feeling well she should not seek for business till she recover and tested. Unknown clients should not be permitted to book an escort until situation become normal. Those cannot produce their recent medical reports should also be banned to book an escort. Life is more important than business and money in current scenario, and everyone should understand that. We at Beirut escorts services are hoping and wishing everyone well so that life can be filled on after this time gone by.
How Beirut Escorts will survive post corona virus

Take Care,Stay safe and stay home!!!!