How Beirut Escorts will survive post corona virus


World is in lockdown, bodies are lying over the roads; everyone is in the fear and looking for mercy from God. Current situation of Lebanon is worrisome but if you think about future, you will find it scary. Since economy of Lebanon is already handicapped and country is on the verge of bankruptcy. Pandemic through corona has already added fuel to the fire. Escorts Business was in much better health before pandemic. But the pattern of spread of corona virus is going to make a huge impact on escorts industry in Beirut. Not only the country the whole escort industry has been went downhill to the floor.

Risk of corona infection by Body to body touch

Corona is spreading through touch and contact chain. And it’s almost impossible to avoid physical touch of escort if she is with you. So there is huge risk of spread and that way, it will impact the mentality of people about hiring the Beirut escorts. This will create some kind of insecurity into the minds of both parties. So the Question arises is that, what will you do in that case? Well there is always a light at the end of tunnel and light here comes in form of medical reports. Escort can be easily hired if she is medically tested(corona tested fit) and fit for meeting. Same you have to show to escort as well. Safety comes first for everyone out there. It will help you in enjoying without barriers. Let the sense of security pour in.

How will the industry recover?

Time is the best healer so the losses will be healed with the time, monetary losses will recover once all goes to boom again. It’s just matter of time that shall pass and all will be fine. People are sick at home now, so once these restrictions uplift and they get a sense of self confidence for touching and enjoying with an Escort in Beirut, they are going to hire more frequently than ever. In these testing times, girls must be staying safe at home and they need to use this break in keeping themselves fit. All the necessary changes in figure and body shape can get a look in. Fitter body and curvic figure will help them gain more customers, once all the things return to normalcy. It’s better to take this break positively rather than going into the zone of depression.